Welcoming 2012

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
It is more than a week since we enter 2012. I think it is not too late to wish all of you, our family friends, clients, future clients, followers, and our supporters

Happy New Year 2012!

Without you guys, I never think we, Darkspoon can be this far. From a small humble photoblog that I create during my free time at France, Now it has expanded. With Salman (Mang) as my first sidekick and buddies and now we already have our not-so-new member, Fariz (Kong). Our family has grow. Be friended with them since our glorious years in UTP make me trust their works and commitments.
The other Darkspoon
Without we realize it, it is almost 1 and half year since the first job we ever received. I still remember the first job that we received as a Darkspoon. It was Alif Aiman and Suhaili Aifah Engagements. As a newbie and amateur, a lot of mistakes here and there. But Syukur Alhamdulillah. They like our photos very much. and since then, We learned a lot. I mean Very LOT. Comments, critics, appraisal, trusts, and appreciation from all of you make us as what we are now. 

Alif and Sue Engagement. Our first job as Darkspoon.
Aiman and Aifah: Maternity
And now they are already counting days for their first baby! :) 

2011 leaves us with a lots of sweet and bitter memories. One moment that I never forget during 2011 was my photo was used in an advertisement without my acknowledge. At first I am honored when somebody that visit this blog take our photo and used it as an advertisement. However I realized it was wrong to copy other people's work without giving proper credit and compensation. Alhamdulillah. I managed to claim my rights to that advertisement company professionally. :)

The advertisement
The photo

2012 has arrived and the journey itself is still very far. To be an engineer and do photography at weekends itself is one of our biggest challenge. With a limited gear due to the budget and a lack of experience (not to mention we never attend any proper photography course) We try to do our best. For us, to capture other peoples precious moment that happens once in their lifetime and given the trusts to whom that they never met or know before is not an easy task. I hope that this year bring the prosper and happiness to all of us and you guys. I believe, with all the supports, trusts from all of you will give us the will to try our very best to deliver and met people expectation. InsyaAllah.

Thank you again and Happy New Year! :D



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