Ramblings in the Early 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
It has been a while since I last wrote in this blog. My first post was my last post in this blog. How hilarious. Well, I think it is still not too late to wish all the readers and potential customers "Happy New Year" since it is still the month of January. This year of dragon is touted to be a more prosperous by some and not to forget, touted the year of Armageddon by some. Whatever it is, we at Darkspoon Photojourneys or DSP in short (errr...can I use this Pundak?) will always work hard to deliver our best services to all of you.

In a wrap, 2011 is definitely an awesome year for me. First of all, thousand thanks to Pundak and Mang for inviting me to join DSP (I've started using it Pundak...). Besides doing thing that you enjoy so much (which is photography) and earning some extra income, carrying a heavy responsibility on your shoulder to make sure one's important moment being photographed correctly really turned myself into a better person. I have to make sure that my technique improves every time and of course, creativity is very important. DSP is not just an opportunity, but it is also a platform for me to improve myself, in a lot of aspects.

As a result of eagerness to venture into something new, DSP has got the opportunity to shoot a concert in Penang.  I was invited to be the photographer representing an entertainment magazine but due to some discreet reason, the magazine discontinued and I got all the rights to the photos. Although it was my first time shooting a concert, the outcome was not bad at all. I am sharing some of the pictures below:

To the readers out there who need a photographer to cover your concert or show, do not hesitate to drop an email to us. We will reply to your inquiry as soon as we are available.

As 2012 is crawling rapidly into February, again I would like to thank all readers, former customers and future customers for all the supports. Without all of you, we will never have gone this far. So, what's in for 2012? Maybe "Birds" and "Babies" perhaps? We'll see....Soon enough.


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