Sunday, September 22, 2013
As you all noticed, We've changed (again) the layout. More minimalist. Less words and of course will showcase more from our photos. Compared to previous one which we think the layout is somehow 'messy'.

Since we are using Blogger as our web platform, not much that we can do to customized the web layout. Furthermore, since we are not a IT expert neither an IT graduate neither have the resources to outsource the web design task, figuring out the HTML codes gives us much headache and troublesome. Hehehe. But Alhamdulillah, we still manage to complete it. At least satisfied with the outcome.

Lots of things happened around us since the last time we updated this blog. We went to Johor (Kota Tinggi) for the first time for our clients wedding, Nurain and Azizul (such a lovely couple! congratulations to them!), being busy delivering clients photos and albums, our jobs as an engineers, and not to forget we spent much time now with the families. Two of our members already expecting next year (Yeay! We gonna have baby photoshoot!). Hope and pray that everything will going to be fine for both of them :).

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Last but not least here are the photos from our latest client. Azizul and Nurain. We are very thankful for their great hospitality during our stays at Kota Tinggi. Enjoy!



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