Photojourney: From Taiping with Love

Saturday, December 15, 2012
Taiping. A beautiful city situated at Perak, Malaysia. A town that bring a lot of memories to me. I began to fell in love with this city that popularly known as Bandar Warisan (Heritage City) when I was offered to study at Seratas (SM Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah). A boarding school located just in front of Taiping Zoo. Being a part of Taipings for two years, this city taught me almost everything. Life. Study. Love. Friendship. Independent and everything else.

Apart of being famous with the tin mining history and the beauty of its flora and fauna. Taiping also has a lot of its local delicacies that I think it is hard to find it somewhere else in Malaysia.

So folks, if you ever had a chance to go northern Malaysia. Dont forget to stop by at Taiping. I guarantee you wont disappointed. Enjoy!

Lotus flower at Lotus Pond. Taiping Lake Garden
Taiping Lake Garden and its famous Hujan-Hujan tree. Been there for 100 years if i'm not mistaken
Seratas. Old memories. 
Mrs Wifey. This is her first time here
Pokok Hujan-hujan
Ride to the Maxwell Hill
180 deg turn with 45 deg slope. Thrill ride
Taiping Town from 1000 meters above
Famous Yong Tau Foo. Beside Taiping Fire Station



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