Fadhli + Ayu: Outdoor

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Being busy lately. I mean very busy. To prepare for my own wedding (5 months to go!), do the routine job as engineer where the projects are at it peak, and managing my weekends to fulfill our clients BIG Day is really tiresome. 2012 for me is very challenging. However Insya-Allah, rest assured that we will give our best to deliver your memories as best as we can :)

This is our not-so-latest job I can say. In fact it has been kept untouched in my HDD for about a month (Huhu). Luckily they did understand our circumstances and trust in us to deliver the very best for their wedding memories. Captured in Mentakab Train Station, It was fantastic to get this kind of scenery. Thanks Fadhli and Ayu for their hospitality! :) 

P/s: Notice something at our watermark? Yes! Introducing our new DarkspoonPhotojourney logo! 


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