Nad and Isa Convocation

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nad and Isa were my classmates back in lower secondary school.

We were in same class from Form 1 until Form 3. Before i moved to SERATAS in form 4.

Knowing them for almost 12 years. Our relation is not just a friends anymore. For me they are like brothers and sisters to me.

I still remember back then when Nad ask me to draw her a Garfield for Living Skills class. I dont know if she still remember or not. But that was the first time I talked to her. She also used to be my 'posmen' when I was in love with a girl in our class. It is so funny when we still talk about it until now.

Lots of things that we've been through together during our friendship. And alhamdulillah we are still together until now. And I hope our friendship remains forever.

In celebrating their convocation, Together with our best buddies, we decided to celebrate them at Putrajaya Lake together :)

To Nad and Isa. Congratulations for your convocation. Thanks for becoming such a great friends to me. U guys are rocks! :D

p/s: Coming Soon. Azzad and Afizah Wedding at Terengganu :D


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