Seratas Batch 18 Sungai Chiling

Monday, January 24, 2011

Let stop for a while from looking at wedding/engagement photos. Hehe. Although there are one engagement job that i still not post yet. Hehe

So, last weekend, Me and my fellow Seratas Batch18 schoolmates organized an outdoor trip to Sungai Chiling. It was a very last minute plan and it was planned while enjoying great seafood at Jeram, Kuala Selangor a week before. After a few discussion on person in-charge for a certain thing (food of course :P) we decided to go to Sungai Chiling at Kuala Kubu Bharu.

This is my second time to go to Sungai Chiling. However it was an awesome trip for me and Batch18 so far. The food was awesome also (And me cooked a Bihun for them for the first time :P) hehe. Having a BBQ, jungle tracking and crossing river few times, and swimming in the chilled water, gossiping, etc with your friends who used to be your bedmate, dorm-mates, classmates is truly awesome. Somehow I still cant believe the fact that we have left the school for almost 8 years now.

I am looking forward for another gathering with Batch18. But for now, Enjoy some of the photos captured during our trip

p/s: Next posting, Huda and Faizul Engagement. Do visit snapsys from fariz for the teaser. hehehe


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Lupe lak mau kasi kredit.. hehe... suda letak ;)


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