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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eiffel Tower 2nd Deck view

Eiffel Tower, 1st Deck view

KL Tower observation deck

KL Tower observation deck

KL Tower observation deck

I still remember my 3 months stay in Paris last summer. I had this chance to climb the famous Eiffel Tower. The view from 1st deck up to upper deck was awesome. It's quite an experience for me. Not everyone had this opportunity to go there, some even has to save their hard earn money for years just to go there but I go for free (even paid). Alhamdulillah.

Now I'm back in my home country, Malaysia. Since I have no other things to do during weekend, so I take this opportunity to go to KL Tower with a friend. Last time I go to KL Tower was a year ago, but that time I dont have opportunity to capture the view from the observation deck.

What I try to say is, both towers offer awesome views. But with different perspective and different countries. So if you dont have the opportunity to go to Eiffel Tower why not try KL Tower instead? hehehe

I just can only say


p/s: All photos above are processed using HDR. Dont hesitate to ask me if you want to learn the technique. :D


DyMi at: 12:44 AM said...

master of HDR! awesome!!

Mohd Nurul Amin at: 11:49 PM said...

haha not even close!


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