Sunday, November 14, 2010
Kat Frankfurt. Panjang nak mampos Hummer ni. Ada wedding time ni.

Kat Oxford University. Haha cool dowh belajar kat sini. As usual, tukang amik gmbar punya gambar pasti tiada. isk

Ada pun gambar aku. Isk. (masih di Oxford University)

Cromer Beach, United Kingdom (dekat Norwich kot). HDR processed

Millau, France. Bawah jambatan tertinggi kat dunia tu. Info dekat sini

Juga dekat Cromer Beach. HDR BnW processed

Cromer Beach jugak. Mase ni baru beli Tamron 10-24mm. Memang test kaw-kaw. Tapi lens tu dah rosak dah pun. Isk

Terpunggah foto-foto lama masa di Eropah. Wah rasa best pulak tengok balik. Rasa cam nak pergi balik. Tapi rasanya best lagi duduk Malaysia. Hahaha.. manusia memang tak pernah bersyukur. Malaysia lagi best ok! trust me.

p/s: Thanks to Put for featuring Darkspoon Photojourney blog on your wedding blog. Hehe insya-Allah i'll do my best to deliver the best photos for your upcoming wedding. hehehe


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